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Creating strategic focus of organisation

Vision, Mission, Values and Critical Success Factors.

Personnel assessment

Employee assessment concepts, programmes, methods and criteria.

Adaptation of new employees

Programme development and adaptation, action sequence.

Staff recruitment

staffing needs analysis, job analysis, defining job descriptions, identifying the sources of applicants supply, staff recruitment techniques, recruitment policy and practice.

Service quality management systems

Components of quality of service provided to clients and how it is used, client service algorithm in terms of its major features and business sphere of an enterprise, service quality management systems, staff performance standards — client service monitoring and performance evaluation.

Personnel training & development

Identifying training needs and planning of training, development of training system, performing training activities.

Personnel motivation

Internal marketing, internal branding, implementation, support and amendment of system and models of individual and group motivation.

Remuneration system

Underlying principles and development stages, traditional and non-traditional incentive systems.


Personnel reliability assessment, keeping a commercial secret technology, stress management.

Development & implementation of competency frameworks

Purpose for formulation, basic requirements for development, methods used for analysis and selection of necessary company-wide competencies, examples

Corporate communications

Corporate values and regulations, rules for efficient communications and handling of internal information flows, algorithms and standards for interaction between structural departments.


Internal marketing, definition, stages of HR brand development and implementation. Typical mistakes, evaluation of HR branding cost-effectiveness.

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