Adaptation of new employees

Good adaptation programme is characterised by following elements: it is properly planned, absolutely transparent for an employee, and all objectives, tasks and responsibilities of adaptation process participants are clearly defined.

Corporate events

We offer the development of concepts and conducting corporate presentations, events and parties

Strategic hr management

HR management system performance criteria and enterprise’s HR functionperformance indicators

Job profiles

Job profile (occupational profile) is a description of job content, professionally meaningful and personal traits, competencies, key performance indicators, formal requirements for an employee (i.e., gender, age, education, experience), professional knowledge and skills, necessary to perform the specific work in this organisation.

HR security

Misconduct, negligence, sabotage, data breach by organisation employees result in enormous damage for organisation.

Programme for implementation of service quality management system

Stable competitive advantage resulting from implemented changes at management level and staff behaviour that facilitate raise in loyalty to a brand and growth of clients’ satisfaction.

Development and implementation of competency frameworks

Competency framework enables unifying the requirements for employees and creating common standards of conduct, basis for assessment and promotion of employees.

Corporate culture development programme

Corporate culture forms the basis for the development of any successful company. The development of corporate culture is always related to certain innovations aimed at achieving business goals, and thus – at maintaining company’s competitiveness on the market.

Creating strategic focus

Constant interaction of mission, values, strategy and goals forms the strategic plan of an enterprise and becomes the principal development guidelines that enable running business in accordance with the selected course.

Change management

In order to survive in competitive environment each enterprise has to continually change. Change management, implementation of innovations into organisational environment is a complex task.

Internal communications

Help the enterprise management to establish the corporate culture and gain improvement of performance indicators both for each employee and business in general.

Employer branding

Company’s reputation is a guarantee of its success. The success of any business depends on efficient positioning of an enterprise on the market.

Staff loyalty and involvement

According to the research data the higher is loyalty, involvement and satisfaction of employees, the higher is company’s rating as an HR brand and, thus, staff turnover is lower and the loyalty of clients to the product, and profit and value of the company itself are higher.

Personnel motivation

One of the strongest leverages used to accelerate the competitive position is the improvement of company’s internal structure, raising its manageability, and ensuring the sufficient level of staff motivation.

Staff appraisal and assessment

Analysis of the current system used for appraisal and assessment of work and performance  of employees

Establishment of the succession pool

If there are competent, trained specialists ready for promotion to the key positions of an enterprise it will ensure HR security of business, succession of management staff, consistently high pace of company development and confidence in the future.

Talent management

Any manager seeks how to find and retain strong specialists and to make a good team. You can not only hire valuable employees but also bring them up within the company.

Staff training and development system

The success of any enterprise directly depends on performance of its employees. Therefore, the issue of personnel training and development is essential for many companies.

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