Hr consulting

HR consulting is an activity category related to solving tasks that face enterprise managers and Human Resources Management specialists, and aimed at streamlining enterprise business processes.

HR consulting proposal package has been developed in order to create and implement tailor-made personnel management techniques and to perform monitoring of its successful operation at your enterprise.

Consulting Managers on Personnel Management Matters

  • Professional analysis of conflict/ disputable situations.
  • Operation algorithm in various HR-related situations.
  • Professional risk assessment.
  • Recommendations on the way out of complicated situation.
  • Helping during implementation of organisational changes.
  • Assistance in establishing operation of sales departments working directly with clients.

Diagnostics and Establishment of Systems in Personnel Management Sphere

Performing diagnostics of existing systems and/or establishing modern and efficient systems for work with human resources that correspond to enterprise development goals.

Business Efficiency

Assessment of human factor role and influence onto enterprise performance.

Team Efficiency

  • Assessment of strengths and weaknesses of team members.
  • Achieving such results when team members successfully complement each other, efficiently interact, and understand both the manager and each other.
  • Creating within a team a remarkable atmosphere that will unite people, and form culture that is in line with current enterprise development stage.

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