HR management system performance criteria and enterprise’s HR function performance indicators

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  • Hr functionexpenditure item or a business partner of an enterprise?Taking into account the fact that HR management represents a business function every executive sooner or later wonders what is the weight of this function enterprise-wide. Traditionally the HR department is accounted for under “overheads”.  Seeking profit and competitive advantages management carefully watches over all functions to return all invested funds.
    • How to turn HR officers from expenditure item into a business partner of an enterprise?
    • Is it possible to assess the HR system performance in specific figures?
    • How, taking into consideration the key role of human capital at an enterprise, are HR specialists going to prepare the strategic plans and act during the next several years?

Through evaluation of HR system at an enterprise you can get accurate and comprehensive information on human resources and HR function input into success and cost effectiveness of your enterprise.

Profitable administration is only possible for something measurable!

We propose the project to measure hr system performance and work of hr function at your enterprise