There is a way to reduce possible damage for an enterprise down to 80 %!

Misconduct, negligence, sabotage, data breach by organisation employees result in enormous damage for organisation.

Nowadays close attention is paid mainly to technical security means (access control, total video surveillance, etc.), while the “human factor” is not always considered, when either an applicant possesses “human foibles” (i.e., spirits, drugs, gambling) or an employee intends to misuse its official status for private profit.

HR security is a component of enterprise’s Economic security

HR security dominates over other elements of the enterprise’s security system, as staff takes primary position in all processes – financial, informational, technical and processing, legal and ecological.

HR SECURITY is a range of measures aimed at prevention and elimination of threats and risks, including aftereffects negative for enterprise’s state of business associated with staff activities and behaviour, its intellectual potential and labour relations in general.

International practice demonstrates that in order to ensure safe operation of an enterprise it is necessary to establish the comprehensive security system.

Due to individual character of each enterprise and business there is no standard recipe.

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  • The project includes:– Defining functions and objectives for HR function in HR security sphere;

    – Development of documentation support to secure the following personnel-related processes:

    • Recruitment;
    • Administrative documents (in-house regulations, rules and instructions, orders, etc.);
    • Labour activities (enrolment, adaptation, appraisal, planning of training, labour disputes, termination of labour relations);
    • Disciplinary administration;
    • Financial liability;
    • Motivation and loyalty;

    Techniques used to avoid threats for HR security.

We offer the development and implementation of hr security system at your enterprise.