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  • Raising staff loyalty
  • Development of corporate culture
  • Supporting enterprise’s reputation
  • Leisure activities
  • Social
  • Developmental

Psychological effect of corporate event onto company’s staff

  • Positive emotions
  • Cheering and raising stamina
  • Pride for own progress and for achievements of colleagues and fellows
  • Achievement motivation
  • Effect of socially-oriented company
  • Effect of involvement in a large company

Efficacy of corporate event for the company (positive influence)

  • Company employees maintain fine company image, transmit their positive attitude to it into external environment, are proud working in it;
  • Partners and clients seek cooperation with the company, consider such cooperation mutually beneficial and give positive feedback;
  • Applicants strive for work in the company, because consider it an attractive employer undertaking high social commitments in relation to the employees

We offer the development of concepts and conducting corporate presentations, events and parties