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Job profile (occupational profile) is a description of job content, professionally meaningful and personal traits, competencies, key performance indicators, formal requirements for an employee (i.e., gender, age, education, experience), professional knowledge and skills, necessary to perform the specific work in this organisation.


  • Establishing the functional job organisation at an enterprise;
  • Standardisation of HR processes;
  • Assessment and selection of candidates;
  • Staff adaptation;
  • Career planning – performance evaluation, organising professional development and training, succession pool;
  • Motivating the work – financial and moral incentives.

Option 1  BASIC

development of JOB PROFILES by categories:

– management;
– specialists;
– technical staff;
– service staff;
– operating personnel


development of JOB PROFILES for all established positions of an enterprise.

Comprehensive project development includes:

  • Job profiles of an enterprise;
  • Workplace description;
  • Job key performance indicators;
  • Conducting a training session for enterprise managers on practical application of documents within the Job Profile project.
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